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Replacements &  Upgrades


Nut & Saddle Fabrication/Replacement | $80 to $110 

Starting with a blank piece of material (Corian, bone, brass, Tusq, etc) I will fashion a brand new, fresh saddle and/or nut for your stringed instrument. A full setup will immediately follow to ensure the newly added components fit & function properly.

Piezo Pickup Installation | $110 

Installation of an under-the-saddle pickup includes a necessary setup to ensure proper placement & functionality. Pickup not included.

Passive Pickup Installation : 
One pickup : $45 | Two Pickups : $75 | Three Pickups (ie Strats) : $95

Sometimes there is nothing better than a fresh set of pickups to give your old axe some new life. My pickup installations are point-to-point (from pickup leads right to the intended source). I do not splice your old pickup wire to the new ones - that’s just lazy, yet I have seen it all too many times from other shops & do-it-yourselfers. Routing or pickguard modifications may require an additional fee.

Active Pickup Installation :  

One pickup : $60 | Two pickups (considered a rewire) : $105

Replacing passive pickups with new active-style pickups requires replacing some components like volume & tone controls as well as input jacks. Routing for 9v batteries may require an additional fee.

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