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Electronics Repairs/Mods



Soldering Components | $35 

Even after a thorough cleaning & connection check, some components just need to be replaced. I won’t suggest a part be replaced unless completely necessary for clean & smooth operation. Of course, if you simply wanted to upgrade your cheap components with those of a higher quality (Bourns or CTS for example) than I can do nothing but abide by your wishes (not to mention agree with the upgrade whole-heartedly!). Wiring mods are one of my many specialities, so fear not! Parts are an additional fee. Hollow bodies may be subject to an additional fee.


Complete Rewire | $105 

Ok, so let’s say you have a cheap guitar with very cheap components, or a vintage guitar that maybe didn’t get the best wiring job while on the kitchen table at the hands of your friend who said he knew what he was doing. This starts your guitar’s guts all anew. All new capacitors, wires, pots, switches, & jacks are installed and wired with precision surgical accuracy. Parts are all an additional fee.

Electronics Modifications | $40 

Want to spice up that strat with my 7-Way mod? Or maybe you’d like to regain the use of your tone control with the installation of a Grease-Buckey circuit? Maybe you want to eliminate the muddiness from your signal when rolling off your volume control with a Treble Bleed? I’ve been able to experiment with even the most outlandish electronics mods throughout the years - from obscenely complicated push/pull & super-switch combinations to simple kill-switch installations - so there is nothing that I will refuse to wire for you (as long as it is possible to do of course!). E-mail, call, or drop by for details on what may suite your needs.

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