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Just a little about who I am...


My full name is Michael Virok. I have been a Hamilton, NJ resident for most of my life. As far as my education goes, I could tell you everything as far back as pre-school, but the most important aspect of my education is the most recent chunk of time. I attended the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and graduated Suma Cum Laude in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. From there I continued onward to pursue my true passion for guitars at Atlanta Guitar Works in Atlanta, Georgia. It was there in 2007 that I graduated “Best In Class” and received my title of Luthier. Shortly after returning to New Jersey I was able to find employment with one of the largest repair shops on the East coast and worked in some of their various locations for the next 4 years. 

Which brings me to today. 

After earning a well respected & dedicated following, I have decided to open my own private practice for guitar repair and builds. I needed to bring my trade back to the community which it serves. In doing so I am able to offer highly competitive prices for skills that are unmatched in the “normal” major retail realm.


Lutherie is an art. It is something that I am proud to do on a daily basis. My grandfather spend much of his life carving & creating wooden folk-art & decoys, and my father is a skilled auto mechanic & now an all-around household repair craftsman. I won’t say “simply”, but I somehow I was able to find both the artistic & technical specializations and have merged them into what I can only describe as the most satisfying trade I could ever enter into.

The bottom line is that I view my job as an art form and my builds are works of art. I refuse to let down any customer and I strive to revitalize the art of lutherie... string at a time.

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