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Major Repairs


Neck Breaks | $150 & Up 

Depending on the severity of the break, this may include reinforcing the mended area, grafting woods into voids, and non-spray refinishing. These are case-by-case & hourly. I do my best in each repair of this nature to try and keep the area smooth to the touch and minimize scarring in the damaged area. Although I do my best to keep the appearance of the break at bay, sometime this is just not an option and the area will be hand-finished to the carefullest degree to ensure ease in playability and to minimize recognition of a foreign texture in the playing hand. This type of repair is one of my specialities.


Only applicable on single-action truss rods found in Gibson & vintage Fender guitars. Every once in a while a truss rod may seize up and sometimes break at the point of adjustment. This is more common on vintage single-flex truss rods found in Gibson & Fender vintage-style guitars. In such a case, I have the skills and the tools necessary to replace the broken truss nut and return the instrument to an adjustable state. This will not cure a severe back-bow, but it will help a completely loosened truss rod that has been broken.

BRIDGE REGLUE | $150 & up 

Acoustic bridges are removed, surface area cleaned, then either the bridge is either re- applied or replaced with a new one. As with headstock or neck repairs that involve scarred areas, I try to keep any possible residual damage to an absolute minimum. Sometimes chip- out or pull-up damage occurs before the instrument even hits my bench as a result of the initial damage. I will do my best to drop-fill any exposed areas as clean & smooth as possible.


Helps prevent a bellied acoustic guitar soundboard & improve structural integrity. Price includes the JLD Bridge Truss System. Full setup included. The JLD Bridge Truss System (as found in Breedlove Guitars) improve not only the structural integrity of the soundboard of an acoustic guitar but also enhances the sustain & bass response of any acoustic, even those without a bellied top! It’s nearly invisible once installed and will only increase your instrument’s life.


For acoustics with thick bridges (such as Guilds), material is removed from the bridge to accommodate a lower saddle height. This is sometimes done to avoid a neck reset. Full setup is included in the price.

CRACKS | $150 & up 

Cracks are braced from the inside of the guitar body with cleats, and the crack is glued in some cases. Minor hand-finishing/buffing sometimes applied. These are hourly jobs and price varies greatly depending on the amount & severity of the damage.

All Styles of Fretboards (Lacquered, Bound, Etc) | $295+

 Old frets pulled, board planed ONLY WHEN NEEDED, slots cleaned, and new frets installed (size & material are your choice). I do not remove the lacquer on maple boards - this is my specialty and I pride myself in being able to retain the original lacquer when possible! Fret materials will be provided by our shop and customers will be able to select from a variety of sizes for installation. No customer-provided frets will be accepted for use in these jobs. Full setups are included with this service and most other minor repairs are included as well. As of 2024 we will no longer be offering stainless steel as an option. 

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