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Routine Maintenance


Hourly rate | $80/hr 

This rate applies to the non-traditional repair & fabrication services I offer in my shop. Sometimes what you need is not on a list - but that doesn’t always mean that it cannot be done here! The minimum for non-standard jobs begins with one hour of flat-rate labor and works up from there depending on complexity and involvement. As always, I urge you to inquire about any services not listed on this list.

Minimum bench fee | $20 

This charge is the standard applied to any non-described service that requires bench-time such as simple restringing and tuning, electronics inspection, neck removal or pick-guard removal for appraisal/dating purposes, string changes, intonation/action/neck adjustments, or other very minor repairs & mods (including strap-pin installations on the neck of acoustic guitars). 

Lite Setup | $39.95 

This is also known on my bench as a minor setup. I will make sure the truss rod functions & is set relative to the needs of the player/instrument as well as adjust the overall action & intonation of the strings. The electronics are also checked for proper functionality. Please note that this service is recommended for instruments that have already been maintained in the past by my shop or is a brand-new "out-of-box" instrument. 

Full/Complete Setup | $69.95 

For guitar (acoustic or electric), bass (acoustic or electric), banjo & mandolin. This goes a few steps further than the minor setup and includes a “Lite“-Dress on the frets to remove most divots & wear without damaging the natural fret crown. Other perks include nut slot regulation. All hardware is thoroughly cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted along with precise truss-rod, action, and intonation setting. Floyd rose & floating tremolos are adjusted for proper floatation (aka ZERO setting), and all hardware is tightened to ensure proper functionality. On acoustic guitars customers have the option of having their existing non-compensated saddles compensated for better intonation. Further recommendations are available after the completion of this service for the customer’s discretion. FLOYD ROSE & FLOATING TREMOLO GUITARS, PLEASE ADD $5 TO THE TOTAL SERVICE.

Fret Level/Dress | $105 

When a setup just won’t cut it and there is more need from the player for lower action the solution can sometimes be found with a fret dress/level. High frets can impede the lowest possible action, so with a level fret-height spanning the entire fretboard the action can be brought to the lowest possible without buzzing. This is also a great solution to a heavily worn playing surface from years of play or constant capo use on acoustics. This can also be an alternative to a neck re-set on an acoustic guitar to accomplish a proper fall-away towards the sound-hole. This service includes a complete setup as detailed above.

Acoustic Re-Humidification | $89.95+ Required Humidifier Devices

For acoustic guitars with sunken tops; moisture is slowly reintroduced into the instrument for up to one week. Full setup included to ensure playability, this repair is a slow process and must be maintained once back in the customer’s care. I will make a strong recommendation as to which in-case guitar humidification system to utilize for home maintenance, but it is essentially up to the guitar’s owner to keep the relative humidity level in check once I complete this service.


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