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Booking Policies

Why Are Appointments Required?

First off, if you would like to book an appointment at the shop, please follow this link-


At this time the shop is experiencing a huge influx of repairs. So in an attempt to manage this increase in business better all visits (pickups and drop offs) are restricted to online bookings only. I ask that customers do not call or request appointments via email as this creates kinks in the workflow & further increases turnaround times. 

Why Are Appointments Required?

I completely understand that appointments sometimes need to be cancelled, so it's as easy as sending the shop a message via text or email. You can also request to cancel your appointment on the booking app featured on this site.

Can I bring multiple instruments in one visit?

Yes, multiple instruments are allowed for drop-off, but I would urge all customers to please note how many pieces are being considered for repair in the booking request. Commonly 1-2 guitars are welcome in one visit, but for those bringing 3 or more (yes, it happens) please wait for a confirmation email, call or text regarding the approval. The shop is vast in size, but the workload must be maintained to help get all of the guitars already there out in a timely fashion. 


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